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Duration: 01 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2021
Location: Midyat
Price: $50
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Day trip visiting Mardin with special or boutique tour.

Dara – White Water – Midyat

▪ 08:30 You will be picked up from the Airport, Bus Station or the place you are staying at, and we depart for Dara and Midyat.

▪ 09:00 Departure to Deyrulzafaran Monastery, the residence of the Metropolitan of Mardin. Throughout 630 years Hz. Prayers echoed in the language of Jesus on the walls of this ancient Monastery … Şemse etda Maghbah still continues to bless the first lights rising from the east here …

▪ 10:15 Visiting Dara ancient city (dungeon, necropolis, cisterns, agora, bridge and ramparts)
Dara is a silent witness from the time of Alexander the Great to the south-east of Anatolia … A Roman .. A Sassanid in every aspect of history …

▪ 11:15 We take a rest and refreshment break in Beyaz Water with its magnificent natural beauties.

▪ 11:45 Our guest house visit. With a short walk between Midyat houses, we pass to Gelüşke Inn and take a short tea break (a spacious and relaxing inn with filigree shops, which are the subject of the Kadim Dostum series) and visit the Midyat Caves. (We will witness the old lives in these caves in the well structure.)

▪ 12:30 Half an hour free time in Midyat Bazaar, Telkari, Spice, Walnut Sausage and Silver land for lunch and shopping

▪ 13:45 We set out for Hasankeyf.

▪ 14:30 Hasankeyf. You will experience unique memories in this land of legends, some of which are under water.

▪ 15:00 We start on the way back to Mardin center

▪ 19:30 sunset in Kasimiye Madrasa

▪ 20:30 End of our tour and distribution to required transportation locations.

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