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Fairy tale chimneys bring beautiful scenery to Cappadocia A phenomenon that has lasted millions of years. The story of the only Fay chimney in the world started the volcanic eruption in the area. We encountered the most beautiful fairy chimneys in the wnich region, covering an area of ​​288 square kilometers, located in the Kızılırmak 18 kilometers in the north, the Damsa stream in the east, the Nevşehir stream in the west and the Oylu and Kermil mountains in the south. This volcanic area is built from tuff below and basalt and andesite above.

The batter was covered with tuff all at once, but today is only visible in certain parts. These basalt fragments are either like giant conical blocks or cornices on tuff. During the fourth geological positioning period, the fairy chimney rains and people of color appeared in suitable areas. They sometimes reach a height of 40 meters, are conical, and wear a basalt “hat” on them. Erosion causes the neck under the “hat” to become thinner, and the cap can no longer be carried by the cones and fall off. Such fairy chimneys will be left unprotected and will corrode further. Even today, this phenomenon continues to occur, with very old chimneys being replaced by young chimneys. We found the best examples of these natural wonders in the triangle between Ürgüp, Uchisar and Avanos.

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