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How the pandemic has affected and changed the tourism industry ?

We hope that the tourism sector, which came to a halt at the beginning of 2020, will try to breathe a sigh of relief with the new regulations and freedoms.

As everyone knows, especially the tourism sector, it has also negatively affected the food, entertainment and retail sectors. Turkey has always been a focal point of visitors from abroad with tourism potential, in this period, people who can not travel to Turkey or another country and people, especially pilgrims, has made its first bookings by loosening the rules. Loading the reservation density to the same period brings about a different problem. People are putting themselves at risk, as they are constantly choosing busy dates for vacation after a long period of closure. However, if there is one thing that the tourism industry and its customers can learn from the pandemic, it is that we have to take a vacation on busy dates. Taking a holiday on holidays, New Year’s Eve and national holidays can now pose a risk for everyone.

We ask everyone who will make reservations and plans to avoid these busy dates and, if possible, to go on holiday in different periods and dates.

Turkey is struggling with Covidien-19 pandemic since March 2020. a majority of cases in the first period was to scare people and caused the closure of their homes, of course, in this case brought to a halt the entire tourism sector in Turkey. Many hotels, agencies and guides can hardly survive and put all their hopes on the tourism yield of 2021. We are about to end March 2021, and unfortunately, almost 15% of 2019 bookings have been received yet. The beginning of the season shows us that this year will be tough and the expectations for tourism should not be kept high. Otherwise, some investments can be made in anticipation and no provision may be received in the short term.

With the decrease in the number of cases recently, Mardin and Southeast turned blue on the maps and the region started to attract more attention. The fact that all the requests gather during the Ramadan feast makes everyone anxious. There cannot be an obvious and easy event as the virus in western provinces moved here during this period. Our request from you, our guests, is to prevent the crowd and the risk of contamination by spreading their reservations to other times when they are available except busy dates.


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