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How the pandemic is changing tourism habits ?


tourism sector, which is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic has come to a standstill and Mardin in Turkey. With the promising vaccination news in 2021, reservations and some preparations started to be made again. With this dynamism, the tourism sector will try to make up for the losses it suffered in 2020.

So, what kind of permanent effects have occurred in the tourism sector, normally? Our opinion is that there will be an increase in private and individual tours rather than group tours, and in this sense, tourism agencies should focus more on small-capacity vehicles. There is an increase in tour bookings for 2, 3 and 4 people. In group tours, the duty of the agencies and tour operators is to protect the health of the guests as much as possible during the travel. Health insurances should be made on time and completely, masks, disinfectants and personal hygiene products should be offered to guests free of charge. Especially international tour in extra complied with these rules and be able to lose interest in the European tourism market should be drawn considerable interest to Turkey.

The year 2021 means re-establishing the balance of tourism, new destinations and routes to be prepared in this period will determine the next course. Nature and will increase demand areas such as national parks and will consist of around intensity, but also that this new order to adapt and be support for Turkey in the tourism market in areas such as facilities located gerekmektedir.pande period rules in the tourism sector rewrite. In the tourism sector in Turkey to play a role in effective writing these rules and the resulting new equilibrium is absolutely no need to take place. Until 2019, the most popular locations around the world can no longer be visited and are losing visitors. The new routes that will occur during this period will definitely change into popular routes within the new order.

Locations such as Spain, Italy, France and Greece have not been visited for almost one and a half years, and this situation is expected to continue to the end of 2021. Although we are in March 2021. Turkey is a very high demand and booking. One of the reasons for this is that old popular locations cannot be visited and people now have a serious need for a holiday due to closures and curfews. In this process, new routes and visiting points in Turkey draw attention.

The Mesopotamia Plain and the Southeastern Anatolia region are undoubtedly one of the new routes that occurred during the pandemic period. The fact that tourism employees serving on this route do not temporarily consider this demand and provide the best service will make Mardin and its surroundings a permanent point in international tourism and increase the frequency of visits. The most important difference of foreign tourists compared to domestic tourists is the high number of overnight stays that are desired to increase the most. In addition, the exchange rate difference turns our country of paradise into a paradise of cheapness for foreign tourists and the amount of shopping increases.