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How Will Sectors Change After Pandemic?

Sectors and professions will never be the same as before, as you know, due to the pandemic affecting the world. So how will it change? This evolution will certainly occur around innovation and digitalization. We need to think that the pandemic is with us for a lifetime and act accordingly and remember that the new normal will be shaped accordingly.

With artificial intelligence and low cost robots replacing humans, many professions will not or will not be as important as they are now. For example, the disappearance of intermediary institutions and agencies in the tourism sector is not an unpredictable issue. The existence of platforms such as Airbnb instead of hotels, Uber instead of taxis and instead of tourism agencies made it difficult. That’s why people are now trying to do everything on smartphones or computers. In fact, if there is no platform they are looking for or need, the internet infrastructure, which has an infrastructure that is easy enough to establish themselves, will be one of the most decisive criteria of the new normally developing and continuing businesses.

The most important task that businesses should do in this period is to take advantage of this and use all their time and energy to develop in this direction instead of complaining about the stagnation or scarcity of jobs.

Turkey and all in combating the pandemic, as you know, world growth and new measures taken in many sectors pandemic period very large wounds bottom and wrap it operates number of cases continues to stagnation in this sector. This recession has left the business owner and employees into an inexcusable economic crisis, and as it continues, the situation is getting worse.

In the first place, the tourism sector has stagnated sufficiently with the bans on going out, closures and closing of the border gates. All employees in this sector from A to Z have not worked at all for almost 1.5 years and have not been able to earn an income. Many of them have tried to make a living by turning to different sectors, since this sector confusion is also in other sectors that have already stopped, countries have started to have economic deficits around the world, and this economic deficit will take 5-6 years to close and return to the new normal. During this process, sectors will change, develop and perhaps some professions will disappear.

Since the New World is completely built on technology infrastructure, the elimination criteria of workplaces and companies will definitely be in harmony with the digital world. Whether new or old, all workplaces will survive as long as they keep up with the new order. The biggest duty of governments is to provide incentives and support to companies that invest in digitalization if they are to be supported, so a market with developing companies will develop much faster and more robustly, so it can become even better than before.

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