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Contrary to popular belief, tourism in Mardin is a sector that has just started to become a source of income, and people who used to make a living from agriculture and animal husbandry have recently started to create a source of income by acquiring a branch of activity in tourism with the increase in Mardin tour companies. As the number of souvenirs, hotels, Airbnb, accommodation services, restaurants and touristic facilities increases, the city’s interest in tourism also increases.

In the city, which does not have a long history in terms of tourism service, it is very difficult to find qualified personnel who will provide good service in this sector. With the recent breakthroughs of Mardin Artuklu University, a series of trainings have been started by the personnel of the enterprises serving especially in the field of food and beverage, by the professional managers or by the experienced tourism personnel coming from the Aegean or Mediterranean region, where tourism is better developed. It is obvious that this training will bear fruit in the future, and in case of similar needs in other tourism branches, we will bring this distinguished cultural tourism city to better places together. Even though our city, which has experienced some unfortunate events, has been mentioned with different subjects in the past, people who visit it now see that this region has turned into a tourism paradise and that by revealing all its beauties, it creates a Roman and Venetian atmosphere in Anatolian lands. Our city, which has shortcomings in similar issues, is also very open to tourism investments, there is a need in terms of accommodation first.

Despite the seasonal intensity, Mardin tour companies are trying to spread tourism here to 12 months with all their strength and contribute to the adaptation of the city by making improvements within their own structure. In addition to staff training, social responsibility projects and activities aiming to make local people love tourism are not to be underestimated. We believe that Mardin tourism companies will come to a much better place as our valued guests, who want to help or contribute to these developments that businesses do without support, receive your tourism services from local tourism companies.

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