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Southeast Turkey Tourism Potential Article Series

Shortcomings and Problems 1

There are many hidden places to discover in Turkey for travel lovers. Although it seems to be known, Southeast is one of these locations that are not properly promoted and go unnoticed. Although local visitors are relatively familiar with the region thanks to its rich cuisine, the region is not well known, especially abroad. At this point, the government, especially the local authorities, have great duties to promote the region. It is obvious that small businesses are inadequate in terms of promotion and marketing. The biggest reason for this is that a national and global tourism brand has not yet emerged from the region. Low-budget tourism businesses, on the other hand, are more concerned with saving the day.
Apart from promotion and marketing, the city also has major infrastructure problems. The absence of a ring road hinders transportation in the city. Large construction machines, trucks and buses pass through the city center, which causes traffic jams. The parking problem in Old Mardin and the fact that the 1st Street is open to vehicles are another problem. Apart from this, we also experienced that the accommodation capacity of the city is insufficient during the busy season. In order to open qualified hotels, various supports should be given to investors and the problem should be resolved at this point.

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