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Spectacular by Day and Choker at Night: Mardin

Spectacular by Day and Choker at Night: Mardin
Mardin, a city that will fascinate you after you take your first step, is the land of Reyhani sounds rising from the streets and delicious food that goes beyond the walls of the houses and fills your nose. You will witness civilization while taking a cultural tour in this city, where people warmly invite you to their home as a guest.
You will be able to enjoy the moments you live in Mardin, where the brotherhood of Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, Armenian, Yazidi and Syriac peoples live together. Are you wondering where you can visit in Mardin, where you can collect special memories? So let’s take a closer look at the beauties waiting for you in this delightful city!

Mardin Castle
Mardin Castle, built on a dominant hill in Mardin, appears as an Eagle’s Nest over the city. This castle, which was used by many civilizations that dominated Mesopotamia, was preferred because it was safe and difficult to capture. It is known that the castle, which is currently used by the Turkish Armed Forces and aimed to be brought into tourism in the future, sees the Mesopotamian lands extending to Syria.
The castle, which contains structures from ancient civilizations, is open for private visits. You should definitely see the Mardin Castle with the special permissions you will get!

Mardin castle

Mardin Grand Mosque
Located in the Mardin bazaar and standing since 1199, the Great Mosque is one of the oldest structures in Mardin. The yellow cut stone structure of the mosque, which is known to have been built during the Artukid period, which ruled in Mardin, is of the kind that will attract everyone’s attention. The mosque, which creates a visually perfect composition with Kufic inscriptions on its minaret, is still open for worship. You should not return from Mardin without seeing the Great Mosque, which plays a central role in the city and is valuable in echoing the sounds of the call to prayer throughout the city!

Mardin Grand Mosque

Deyrulzafaran Monastery
Deyrulzafaran Monastery, one of the most important worship centers of Assyrian origin citizens living in Mardin, takes its name from the saffron flowers that grow in its basin. It can be said that the temple, whose construction dates back to BC, was the first Syriac worship center. It is known that the monastery, which has a very successful architectural structure, was considered a center for Syriac peoples in the world for a while. Today, the monastery, some of which is opened to tourism and some of which is still used for worship, becomes the center of attention of almost every tourist who comes to the city. It will be a very pleasant experience for you to taste Assyrian pastries with a cup of tea in the monastery garden!

Deyrulzafaran Monastery

Dara Ruins – Dara Ancient City
It would be insane to go to Mardin and return without seeing the Dara Ruins. Because this Ancient City, which is one of the oldest residential areas of the city, is an area that has been moved to today during the Persian period. In this city, which is said to have taken its name from the Persian king Darius of the time, you can find places of worship for sun worshipers. The city, where the sun sacrificed areas and the graves where people bury their dead, are located, is about 30 km from the center of Mardin.
Dara, which was a military garrison when it was used as a city, is one of the must-see areas for almost every tourist coming to Mardin today. When you come to Mardin, you should definitely add Mardin to your list of places to visit.

Dara Ruins - Dara Ancient City

Mor Gabriel Monastery
It should be said that the sounds of bells and the call to prayer will come together while you are visiting Mardin. To explain this situation, it is possible to start from the number of churches, monasteries and mosques in the city! Mor Gabriel Monastery, as one of the most important temples of Syriac Ancient Belief, supports the argument in question.
This monastery, which is approximately 25 km away from the Midyat district of Mardin, which can be reached by car rental, still operates as the Syriac Seminary. Life still continues inside the monastery, where you cannot visit every part of it, as a limited part of it is open to tourism. It is possible to breathe the mystical air in Mor Gabriel, where priests and nuns are raised. Although it is far from the city center, you should definitely see this structure.

Mor Gabriel Monastery

Kasımiye Madrasa
You can observe the lecture rooms of that period live in Kasımiye, which was built during the Akkoyunlu period and is one of the most important lore centers of the 1400s. In order to respect science and the teacher, bowing while entering the lesson in this madrasa, where the door entrances were designed small, also showed respect for the holy book, the Holy Quran, inside.
In addition to its classrooms, the pool, which tells the exquisite story of human life between birth and the apocalypse in its courtyard, clearly shows the fineness of the art understanding of the period. We recommend you to explore Kasımiye Madrasa, which is a very special structure and located in the center of Mardin.

Kasımiye Madrasa

There is no doubt that Midyat is among the places that come to mind when listing the places to visit in Mardin. Midyat is usually one of the regions where TV series and movies are shot and the structure of stone houses is better preserved. For this reason, tourists who want to breathe the impressive air of Mardin must visit Midyat as well!

Alright, What is waiting for you in Midyat?
Midyat Guest House is actually the home of those famous aghas that you see on television. Although it basically serves as a hotel, you can visit the Midyat Guest House, which is never empty due to the shooting of the TV series, for touristic purposes. You should know that this place, where entrances are paid, is quite crowded. The main reason for the crowd to come to see this place, which most people know from the TV series.
Gellushke Inn is one of the beauties that must be seen within the borders of Midyat. This inn, where movies are shot from time to time, is also a restaurant where unique dishes are cooked. We recommend you to stop and rest in this inn, where you can discover the local dishes of Mardin.

Savur, one of the impressive districts of Mardin, can be called small Mardin when viewed from afar. The fact that it was built on the skirts of a mountain in terms of its structure is important for Savur to face this analogy. You should definitely see Savur, where its historical and cultural richness is quite intense, and you should breathe its impressive air into your lungs.

When to go to Mardin?

If you want to choose a perfect time to go to Mardin, we have a few suggestions for that. After listening to our suggestions, we can say that you can have a more enjoyable time in Mardin. In addition to being one of the cities where the continental climate is dominant, Mardin is under the influence of the desert heat coming from Syria. For this reason, temperatures exceeding 40 degrees are dominant in the city in July and August, and if you are going to tour Mardin during these months, sunglasses, sunscreen or a protective hat are recommended. Even though there is a tourism boom in the city in the spring, summer and autumn periods, sun protection measures should be taken during these months.

The best time to come to Mardin is April-May and September-October. In these months when the weather starts to cool slightly, you can experience a better quality Mardin trip. Moreover, in the cool Mardin evenings, you can closely observe or join the ‘Throne’ pleasure of the people of Mardin. In fact, the Mardin tourism season starts in March and continues until the end of November, whenever you come between these months, the climate of Mardin is suitable for sightseeing. Houses and hotels built of nahit stone allow you to do this, because this stone is unique to Mardin and keeps the building where it is built cool in summer and warm in winter. You will soon recognize this stone in Mardin, which was carved from the rocks in Mardin and handcrafted, and it is also this stone that gives Mardin its ancient color. Try to stay in stone mansion boutique hotels in old Mardin, where you can, and experience the aura that makes Mardin Mardin.

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