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The elasticity of the consumer price index is ranked third The independent variable entering the model has a relatively high coefficient Greece and the United Kingdom. The elasticity of the price index is Except for the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, And Italy. Unable to explain the change in the percentage of foreigners Turkey package tours tourism demand is only dependent on an independent variable Unrealistic method claiming that there must be an inverse relationship The relationship between CPI and foreign tourism demand. Because tourists come to Turkey Most of them are inclusive (package) travel, which needs to be paid in advance, Percentage change of consumer price index on tourism demand cut back.

The foreign currency exchange rate variable in the equation has Important impact on tourism demand. Calculated coefficient elasticity Of variables for Greece, England, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. the value of In recent years, the Turkish lira has fallen sharply in terms of foreign currency, and the accommodation fee Foreign currency exchange rates are low, so Turkey tours is considered a cheaper country Than other places in terms of tourist facilities

The analysis results show that the elasticity of all variables From negative values ​​to highly elastic measures, there are large differences. This variability in tourism demand elasticity indicates a response to tourism demand Turkey’s tourist flow is due to Number of travel agencies and relative exchange rates. Future research can be used directly to estimate a complete tour The demand system must not only include travel expenses, but also combine the promotion work with the quality of the organizer’s travel products country.

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